It’s made for you.

The people who wear the uwärē brand™ live life as a celebration of their individuality. They seek out the path less traveled, see beauty in their surroundings, and are comfortable in their own skin.

Only, for most of society, shirt and shoes are required. 

We’re uwärē brands and we understand that a purposeful life means being true to yourself. Our designers respect that the people who wear our apparel are unique, and demand more than just a label. The result is a line of apparel that’s not intended for everyone. Only those with the courage to celebrate their individuality.

uwärē. Made for you. And your customers.

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We exist to serve you comfortable, unique, and quality apparel. Check out our full online store at



Our understanding of consumer attitudes and fashion and designs trends also mean we’re aligned with customer and market demand.
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Our creativity, our relationships, and our presence at retail, mean we can develop innovative programs for brand growth.

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