uwärē brands offers the following services to its brand and retail partners:

Design and Merchandising

We create, develop and manage our artwork and design in-house, providing our retail partners original and fresh programs guided by the latest in fashion and color trends to support buyer merchandising activity.

We monitor styles, sales, and pricing across multiple retailers in the United States to keep abreast of trending styles, products and themes and the potential within the market.

Brand Development and Extension

​We interpret ever-changing trends in fashion and culture and then apply our knowledge and skills in design, merchandising, and a licensing.

​These factors and our understanding of the retail marketplace give us the edge in helping our licensed partners develop and grow brand visibility and sales opportunities with printed apparel and accessories.

Manufacturing and Sourcing

​We partner with domestic mills to source our printed blanks, and we print apparel domestically. This enables us the flexibility for short windows of production and lower minimums for our customers while maintaining a quality product and competitive pricing.

We also have the capabilities to source and develop abroad as may be needed to support customer initiatives

Private Label and House Brands

​Working with retailers, we help plan and develop private label printed apparel and accessory programs that help grow and expand existing house brands maximize revenue opportunities.

​We also develop new house brands for retail partners, offering services from ideation, to design, to sourcing and production.

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