Our Core Values

These core values govern our lives and business. They shape the character of our company and determine the clients we take. These values provide the basis on which we think, act, and make decisions.

Integrity matters
Our values are priceless. We will not compromise our standards because we have learned the hard way that no amount of revenue, or profit, is worth our integrity.

People are important
We believe all people must be treated with respect and dignity. We do not discriminate in any way, shape, or form, nor will we work with clients who practice discrimination.

Attitude makes the difference
We have an optimistic outlook on life. We believe a positive attitude makes all the difference in getting through the most difficult of situations. We try to share this outlook with others with the hope we can, in some small way, help them see their life and circumstances in a little different light.

Helping others makes the world a better place
We try to be helpful to everyone. We believe each of us is unique in our ability to contribute to the world, the community, and our families. We believe we have a responsibility to use our experience, background, skills, and abilities to help others be more successful in life.

Community has value
We believe a community is about people of like minds taking positive action to better the world. We have an obligation to ourselves and future generations to live purposeful lives that have a positive impact on others. When it comes to truly “local community,” we actively encourage local investment and support neighborhood businesses. We believe the words, “Buy Local,” must whenever possible govern our actions and not only be words we share on our bumpers.

Stewardship is everyone’s responsibility
We believe all acts of stewardship begin with one person choosing to take responsibility. We are committed to working with others who make decisions that protect the environment, are respectful of social responsibilities, and who further fair-trade practices. We recognize we are all citizens of the world and each of us holds a responsibility to future generations.

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